Energy Revealed - Making Energy Visible In Schools

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About the Program

Energy Revealed is a pilot program exploring ways to make energy visible in schools. Whether you are using installed energy metering technology, plug in energy metering technology or no technology at all – this program will help students become energy efficient experts.

    • Benefits Students

      Empowers students to become energy efficiency experts and future energy managers.

    • Benefits the School

      Drives down the use of utilities and helps the schools achieve savings on monthly bills.

    • Benefits the Community

      Contributes to local energy efficiency initiatives and heightens awareness amongst citizens.

    • Benefits the Environment

      Helps save and protect the environment for all by helping to reduce GreenHouse Gases.

Energy Revealed in Action

Join the community of educators that are committed to reduce energy in schools while providing a fun, engaging and curriculum driven experience!

Student Learning Activities

Teachers please visit the Teacher Resources page to access the courses.