Before you start teaching the students about energy metering technology, it may be helpful to teach them about energy and have them understand some of the basics of understanding energy and why they should be more energy efficient. Here are some links as background information to help your students heighten their understanding of energy use.

Kilowatt and Kilowatt Hour Explained
Source: Fleetcarma
If you are wondering what the difference is between a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour, this is a a great resource.

Taking Action: Personal Energy Use Backgrounder
Source: GreenLearning
This backgrounder is great to have students think about their energy use and the actions they can personally take to reduce it.

How Much is a Kilowatt of Energy?
Source: Direct Energy
This is a great infographic that shows exactly what a kWh is, and what can be powered by a single kWh.

How to calculate a kWh of Energy
Source: Wiki How
This is a great background piece to understanding exactly how to calculate a kWh.

Saving Electricity Helps the Environment
Source: Save On Energy
Why should students care about saving energy? This provides some good background information as to why they should care and become good energy managers.

Promoting Energy Efficiency at Home
Source: Energy Efficiency Alberta
This provides some good ideas and resources as to how families can promote energy efficiency at home.

How to Save Money and Energy in the Home
Source: Energy Efficiency Alberta
Seven ways to save money and energy are highlighted here providing a good understanding as to the economical and environmental benefits to changing to more energy efficient options.

What is a GHG and Why Should We Reduce Them?
Source: YouTube visual by CarbonVisuals
This short video provides a great example as to why saving Greenhouse gases is important.

Making and Moving Canada’s Energy
Source: Canadian Geographic
This 6 minute video looks at where Canada gets its energy and explore the different types of energy.