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Learning Objective: Students will investigate the energy usage of an identified device in the school they don’t normally think about. 

Note – if you are using circuit metering technology you will need to make sure it is monitoring the desired device for this activity.


1. Circuit Level Energy Metering Technology

Curriculum Connections:

The Alberta Science Curriculum Grade 1-6

General Learner Expectations 

Students will: 

6–8  Apply observation and inference skills to recognize and interpret patterns and to distinguish a specific pattern from a group of similar patterns. 

6–9  Apply knowledge of the properties and interactions of materials to the investigation and identification of a material sample. 

Specific Expectations


  1. Recognize that evidence found at the scene of an activity may have unique characteristics that allow an investigator to make inferences about the participants and the nature of the activity, and give examples of how specific evidence may be used. 

  2. Investigate evidence and link it to a possible source; 

Essential Questions: How can we reduce the consumption of energy?

Download the Alberta Grade 9 Science Curriculum Connections here.

Download the Ontario Curriculum Connections here.


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