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Learning  Objective: Students will investigate both the energy metering hardware and software to get a full understanding of how the technology works and what it does. 


Note: this learning activity requires having access to the room with the energy metering technology installed. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to access these areas, or alternatively take a picture of the circuit meter attached to the circuit breaker, as well as how the breaker panel is labelled in advance.

1. Energy Metering Technology
2. Laptop
3. Pencil
4. Paper
5. Clipboard

Curriculum Connections

The Alberta Science Curriculum Grade 1-6

General Learner Expectations 

Students will: 

5–5 Demonstrate safe methods for the study of magnetism and electricity, identify methods for measurement and control, and apply techniques for evaluating magnetic and electrical properties of materials. 

Specific Expectations

    1. Recognize that the amount of electricity we use in our homes is measured in kilowatt hours. 


  1. Interpret and explain: the reading on a household electrical meter, efficiency labels on electrical appliances.

Download the Alberta Grade 9 Science Curriculum connections here

Download the Ontario Curriculum connections here.


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