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    Cole Hatchard

    My Science 7 class greatly enjoyed this lesson. For the sake of time and resources, we made slight alterations, but the guiding discussion questions were helpful to spark a conversation on how much energy we use each day. Making predictions on energy usage per appliance (qualitatively instead of quantitatively) helped the students bridge their perceptions with actuality.
    We mostly utilized small appliances that were already around the school; between what was in the classroom (microwaves, lamps), the kitchen (blender, crockpot, toaster, etc.), the science lab, and what the students already had (computer/phone chargers), there were plenty to choose from. Rather than limit groups to a certain few appliances, they had the freedom to choose which appliances their lab group wanted to try. This was helpful because it meant groups were never fighting over a certain appliance. Therefore, the activity became more exploratory within the group vs. the entire class.
    The handout itself worked very well. It was intuitive enough that the students had no issue.
    The energy calculator was my personal favourite part. It was great for the students to get an idea of how much energy was being used; the students were most struck by the actual amounts of GHGs produced. One recommendation I would have for this part would be to have references to compare the relative weights of GHGs to for the students to turn a more abstract concept into reality in their own mind. We used the weight of a penny, a book, me, and a car to help compare.
    Overall it was a fantastic lesson. I look forward to trying more down the road, and to do them again next year!

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