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    Registered users can post their description, pictures & youtube videos in this forum to share their Earth Hour Challenge activities. You will need to login to the site first.

    To create a new topic first go to the Earth Hour Challenge forum: https://energyrevealed.ca/forums/forum/earth-hour-challenge/
    Then enter info in the grey “Create New Topic in “Earth Hour Challenge” fields.

    Add a Topic Title (include your school name in the title). Then add your story text in the editor field.

    Below are some instructions on how to post images and youtube videos to your story.

    Note: Before you upload any pictures or videos of the faces of students please make sure you have parental permission to do so by completing the media release form found here and emailing the completed forms to kristina@greenlearning.ca

    Adding an image to your story.
    If you have a picture to share that is already hosted elsewhere, click on the IMG link in the reply editor menu and paste the URL to where the image is hosted.

    If you have an image file that you would like to upload as an attachment to the topic, you can click the Choose File button at the bottom of the edit topic window. Image files cannot be bigger then 512kb.

    To embed a Youtube video to your story.
    First the video needs to be uploaded to a youtube account. Once there copy & paste the youtube embed link anywhere into the topic field window. The video will then be embedded into the post.`

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