Be a Home Energy Detective!

Did you know that Canadian homes consume 2-3 times the amount of electricity that an average European home does?

Additionally, Canadian homes average the highest energy consumption per person and per household in the world?

Even though we are blessed with abundant resources of energy and relatively cheap electricity, we can still try to make an impact by reducing our consumption.

We need a detective like you to crack this case! Create an impact today by reducing your family‚Äôs energy consumption. You can do this by…
  • Learning about reducing your home energy consumption by finding opportunities for energy savings in your home using the Home Energy Detective Guide
  • Download the Home Energy Detective Report to record the findings of your investigation
  • Take photos and/or videos of yourself as you complete your home investigation!
  • Share the photos and/or videos with us by tagging us @GreenLearning and @AlbertaEE and using the hashtags #HomeEnergyDetective and #EnergyRevealed