To ensure the best possible program design for Energy Revealed, GreenLearning has completed a two year pilot in partnership with the Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) as well as a one year pilot in Ontario in collaboration with Peel District School Board).

Both of these provincial pilots have provided significant insight and learnings, resulting in a program design that is evidence-based and has significant community commitment and participation.

Now that the pilot programs are complete, GreenLearning will further scale the program, while directly addressing the challenges and opportunities that have arisen within the world of education as a result of Covid-19.

The pilots would not have been possible without the critical contributions of the various people and organizations who made them a success. This includes the following:
Kristina Johnston from GreenLearning
Rob Macintosh and Megan Foster from Greenplanet Energy Analytics
Kathy Worobec and Susan McKeague from the Alberta Council for Environmental Education
Benjamin Ratcliffe and Tracey Appleton from Peel District School Board
Karen Farbridge at Karen Farbridge and Associates
Kate Pearce and Hayley Rutherford at Waterloo Global Science Initiative